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If you're buying a car, taking out a car loan or wanting to switch from your existing car insurance provider, we can help you with your vehicle insurance needs.

"Highly recommend using Mainstream Insurance. I found them to be very helpful with deciding which car insurance I should have and they're very affordable." – Jess, Auckland.

Our insurance is available from car dealers and finance brokers throughout New Zealand. For a tailored solution to your car insurance needs call us on 0800 674 678.


Whether you're looking to
switch your car insurance
or buying a new car, our affordable car insurance premiums will suit your


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Next to your home, your car could be one of your most expensive investments, and the risk of mechanical breakdown is completely random, therefore you need protection.

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In addition to peace of mind, LRI protects your credit rating, reduces the risk of your car being repossessed and protects you and your family from financial hardship when the unexpected happens.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection is insurance against a shortfall that may occur if your vehicle is stolen or written off, and your payout does not cover the outstanding balance on your loan.

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